Want to help me?

I am always looking for people who are interested in either going in to a brain scanner or taking desk based tasks to help me with my research

Brain scanning – I use scanners both in Cambridge and (currently) at Royal Holloway college, University of London. The tasks you will do will usually involve an hour or two of your time, and may involve doing a few different tasks for me while you are in an fMRI scanner. (fMRI means “functional magnetic resonance imaging” – it’s a machine which allows us to see which parts of your brain are most active while you are doing something.)  You will get a payment for your time, and even get a picture of your brain if you’d like one!

Tasks – there are a number of tasks that I use to investigate reality monitoring. These are usually computer based. One common one I use involves us reading aloud common pairs of words which go together (like, for example, “bacon and eggs”) and finding out how good you are at recalling whether the second of the pair has been spoken by you or me. Again, if you volunteer then I will pay you for your involvement


If you’d like to get involved then please contact me. All my details are below